PALS Behavioral Management Program

         The success of each person in our program is dependent on our staff and participant's relationship. Our team will interview and asset each staff personality traits to match and pair them to a small group of 1:3 ratio. We also provide 1:1 ratio, as needed. In some cases, we ask our participants to join in our staff interviewing process; so participants can have an input in determining which staff will work better for them. Our staff is our most valuable asset in making a difference in whom we served. All Direct Support Staff (DSS) are trained in Person-Centered Thinking, Crisis Intervention Prevention, 1st Aide / CPR and other topics that pertains to the person needs prior to providing direct support. 

Each PALS member is committed to providing support and increasing participant's greater independence in the community. 

Here are some of our Behavior Management Services: 

PALS team utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the treatment of intellectual/development disability (IDD), duals diagnosis and other learning disabilities.
​ Our DSS is lead by a Board Certified, Behavior Analyst (BCBA) beginning with an individualized treatment plan that emphasized on Person-Centered practices.

Personal Support: Our staff provides personal support to each participant in the community- so that each individual will have a good and a successful experience in the community.

Self-Advocacy Program: At PALS it's important for each person voices to be heard and that each person makes their own decision for their future. Participants are the driving force to PALS day program activities. To ensure that activities are meaningful and meet the person's needs we created the following programs:     

Town Hall

Which meets once month, where participants celebrate their "Success Stories," with peers, expand their social network in the community and learning in social skills to make friends

Career Club 

Which meets once per month, where participant share their vocational development with peers and learn new skills to increase marketability in the job force

Media/Technology Talk

Which meets monthly, where participants discuss with the PALS Media Team to about learn videos they like and would like to see more of. In addition, have the opportunity to learn a new technology skills

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