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PALS Inc. Services And Work Program Training 

PALS, Inc. is a progressive adult day services agency supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have a history of trauma and/or challenging behaviors. PALS Inc. provides behavior management day program, psychotherapy, job supports, skills training, and transportation services for adults referred by the Regional Center.  Our service area includes Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties.

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Work Program Training


The Keep Downey Beautiful Project remains our oldest work activity at PALS Inc.  The program participants at PALS Inc. day program in 2003 wanted to participate in helping the community by cleaning up the streets.  So PALS Inc. went to the city of Downey to see what kind of services our participants can provide in assisting with beautifying the city. The city of Downey needed volunteers to clean abandoned areas and remove graffiti on walls from residential negihborhoods. PALS Inc. program participants have removed over several hundred graffiti writings and have received awards from the City of Downeys "Keep Downey Beautiful" Program for all their hard work!  In addition, PALS Inc. program participants started a recycling program where they go door to door to pick up recyclable items on a weekly basis.

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PALS Inc. program participants in a wide range of work-related activities from assembling first aid kits at the American Red Cross to sorting hangers at Marshalls. Participants also are able to work at one of our licensed day program offices where they can shred paper, wash, fold and stock face towels used as an alternative to paper napkins, and paint ceramics used in our daily activities once "painted and fired." Program participants are given the opportunity to gain reinforcements for their work activities and to go out into the community to cash their checks, make purchases, and engage in budget planning.  Some of the other work sites PALS Inc. utilizes are:


American Red Cross
Foothill Unity
God Ministry, Inc.
Metro Wholesale
Hope Chest Thrift Store
C & G Mops 
Frank D. Lanterman Special Education Campus
Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center
Charity Covina
PALS Inc. Recycling
PALS Inc. laundry
Meals on Wheels, SDA Church
Veterans Thrift Store
And Many More!

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