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Jesus's Success Story - Participant Advocate.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Jesus is leader and participant advocate for PALS. He happily volunteers to assist staff, service coordinators and Pals executives by providing feedback and ideas to better services him and other participants. His role on the PCST provides him the opportunity to engage and educate, to be a leader and improve PALS overall functions.

When asked why he join the Person-Centered Team, Jesus eagerly replied: "Since I joined the Person-Centered Service Team I've gained work, social and life experience. I'm happy that my ideas and information is being valued here at PALS Inc.”

Jesus enjoys watching and playing basketball; he's currently undefeated at one-on-one. He enjoys listening to music: rapping, creating youtube videos and writing his own songs. As a PCST member Jesus is able to verbally express his interest and goals. This allows staff to create tailored activities for Jesus. He tells us what HE needs!

He aspires to work as a sports coach and plans to get married and start a family one day:

"I can't wait to finish my GED, get a job and a wife! Every day I work hard to reach my goals, and I've been doing great! I also really like my new role at PALS because it teaches me real life skills and provides me with job trainings." - Jesus

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