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Pals Inc. Newsroom & Activity Center

August 3, 2020

Hello PALS, Inc. Participants!


Keep in touch! Remember: Stay Home. Save Lives.

As Los Angeles continues to slowly transition to life before COVID19, it is important to continue following recommended guidelines to stay safe: only go out for essentials, maintain social distancing, continue to wash your hands often and wear a face mask while in public.


We at PALS continue to follow the government guidelines and will remain closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will remain closed until further notice and we will keep you updated if anything changes. To support you at home, in this issue you learn how to make a delicious pitcher of lemonade for the summer!


We will continue to provide fun ideas and activities with this newsletter for you to do at home. Let us know what you are doing at home...feel free to send us a picture with a media release form signed if it's ok to use your picture for future newsletters!

This Week's Activities!

Current Events!

What's the latest

How to control our emotions and actions: 

Interesting photos of world that we never seen before!

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