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A Real Hero.

Raquel R.

Real Heros wear lipstick.

A Young Latina


             As a little girl I always wanted to be a superhero; I wished to fly, have super strength and save people that were in danger. I remember jumping off my bed with one arm reaching for the sky and the other on my hip while shouting, “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” I was Superwoman. I've longed to help people in need.


             I've had the privilege of being raised in a household with a family that taught me to put others before myself. One of my favorite memories is waking up early on a Saturday morning, going to the grocery store and cooking for the people in my community. My family and I made everything from warm enchiladas con queso, sizzling spicy pozole and tender tamales. Whenever someone needed a hand, my family and I were the first to help. 



Her Super Powers


             I grew to be a curious teenage girl, always asking questions and pondering on the greater things in life. While the other girls in school focused on softball and boys, I was focused on helping others in need. I started by joining our after school program to help tutor and help the kids with their homework. On the weekends, I volunteered at numerous food banks all around Los Angeles with close friends. Seeing the joy on people’s faces when I gave them essential means truly made me the happiest girl. 


             One day, while walking down the school hallway, I saw a flyer on our bulletin board under a stack of band flyers that read: “Be an explorer for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department;" I was captivated. After careful research and thought, I decided to join. Being a part of the explorer program provided me with the skills and resources I needed to better serve my community. I was able to provide hundreds of people with food, clothing, and even assisted in finding them a shelter. After some time as a standard sheriff explorer, I was promoted to color guard at the LASD headquarters; I was now training and leading a new class of academy explorers! Lastly, I joined the Compton Aviation Explorer Program where I learned how to fly an airplane; yes, an aircraft!

Baby Boy


               I now have the most handsome son in the world. I have the privilege of being a mother; teaching my son to be independent, brave and noble. My baby boy brings me happiness in ways I wouldn't have experienced before his existence. Although he’s still very young, I make sure to keep him close with his grandparents so he can experience the warmth, love and unity like I did growing up. I love sharing my interests with my son. I’m currently teaching him about the variety of mammals, birds, and even snakes! However, I refuse to teach him about bees- I hate bees! 


               I love reading to him about the thousands of insects that roam the earth along with their purposes. When I’m not reading to him about amphibians, I enjoy taking him on a stole around our neighborhood where we have more mother-son time. I can’t wait to introduce him to all the explorer programs Los Angeles has to offer. One day, my son and I will share new memories by helping one person at a time in our communty.


A Girl And Her PALS


As a program manager at PALS Inc. I have the luxury of earning a living by fulfilling my dream, serving the people. During my time here at PALS Inc., I’ve learned new behavioral management techniques from the city's best Behavioral Therapist, I get to share my opinions and provide input in program development, and I lead my own team of Direct Support Specialists. But the best part, I made a ton of wonderful friends from all walks of life along the way. 

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