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My Story

Jadon C.

What a hero values most

My Family


             Sarcasm, “dad jokes” and puns are a big part of my family’s culture. Quesia (Wife): “Hey Jay, has anyone ever told you that you like a bird? Like, your nose is huge and looks like a beak”. Jadon: “OH YEAH? Well, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jar Jar Binks, but an uglier version?”. Being a part of my family requires quick thinking and thick skin. But we love each other and we’ve supported one another through cheesy jokes and family loss. I’m the oldest, youngest and the middle child between my siblings.


              My two older brothers have a family of their own now; I still can’t believe that I’m an uncle, how time flies. My 18 year old brother, Ivan, and I still find time to prank our little sisters. One time Ivan and I decided to attend our sister's high school open house event. We decided to wear a bright orange and sky blue suit with top hats just like the scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Aside from the pranks and jokes, we love spending time with each other over a family dinner which consist of spicy mole, hand made tortillas, freshly made agua fresca and home made flan for dessert.


My two furry children:


            I’ll never forget the moment when I saw my daughter for the first time- It was love at first sight. She weighed only one pound and had big bright blue eyes. Her name is Baloo, from the Jungle Book- she’s my 3 year old kitty. Baloo is extremely loving when it comes to my wife and I. Every night Baloo jumps on our bed to give us our good night hugs and kisses. However, she hates everyone else for some reason, especially my mother-in-law.


           Then, there is my son, Charlie. I adopted my handsome french bulldog 8 months ago and I already can’t imagine my life without him. He requires much more attention than his sister and Baloo is still having a hard time getting used to him, but it’s a work in progress. In the future I plan to adopt another son that can fly. I’ve always been in love with the majestic white cockatoo. I love their bubbly personalities and sassy tendencies. My future son will be a perfect addition to our corky family.

Passing the time


               When I’m not pulling pranks on my siblings or taking care of Baloo and Charlie I spend time with friends playing chess at the South Central Park. Every Saturday we set up a few tables with chess boards and bring our favorite snacks to share; once a month we’ll have a bbq and grill steaks!


            Chess is important to me because it reliefs my stress and forces me to be creative by coming up with unique attacks on my opponents. I also enjoy the friendly “trash talk” that comes with street chess, that in itself is an art. “What kind of move is that?!” “A move that’ll destroy you!”. I’m still learning from my friends that have been playing chess for 20+ years!


I am fulfilled


            I started my career path as an elementary school computer technician. I enjoyed tinkering with motherboards, CPUs, and monitors. I felt like a detective solving a crime case when a teacher came to my office and said: “Jay, my laptop just stopped working! I’m freaking out and need your help!” But after a few years in the field, I knew it was time for a change; I always yearned to serve people in need.


            I found an opportunity to work at PALS Inc. and immediately applied and waited for a response which felt like ages! Finally, I got an email with a date for an interview that would change the course of my life. I was lucky to be granted a chance to prove my abilities as a Direct Support Specialist for PALS Inc. It’s been a fast 3 years now and I’m extremely grateful to be surrounded with an amazing team that share the same goals to serve the people in need. 

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