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Community Integration Training Program

A core philosophy of PALS Inc. is to enable participation in society. Our team is educated and trained to understand the dynamic and changing interaction between a participant and the environment, making them essential professionals to help foster community integration.

DSPs works with individuals to develop a comprehensive understanding of his or her skills and abilities to perform daily activities at a job site, school or a volunteering center while using public transportation. Daily activities demand the integration and use of sensory, motor, cognitive, perceptual, emotional, and social skills and abilities.


The environmental factors include the physical, social, cultural, and time contexts of a person's life. Our team comprehensively analyze the interaction between the individual and the environment, and provide adaptations to promote that person's participation. DSPs help individuals develop new skills, modify the activity, or modify the environment to create the best person-activity-environment match.

All people, regardless of abilities, should have access to, choice of, and an opportunity to participate in a full range of community activities!

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