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Otieno Okatch, M.A.
Christina Buth-Okatch, B.A.
Winfred Narh, MBA
Arnold Hernadez, M.A.
Gloria Gallegos

At PALS Inc. we pair each participant in our programs with the most appropriate direct support professional to create unique support plan with each participant's best interests in mind.

PALS Inc. began providing services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 1999 with an emphasis on therapeutic supports for people with a history of mental health challenges, trauma and/or challenging behaviors.  Our assessment and treatment approaches are rooted in behavioral psychology and trauma informed tools to assist us in developing a positive behavior support plan.  At the core of our philosophy is the knowledge that the adults we support are the subjects of their own experience, and getting to know them is a critical aspect of of our success.  Our motto is "...Because behavior modification begins with a smile" and it directs us to the fundamental acknowledgement that behavior change begins with the first small step: a smile is a great place to start!

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